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Miguel Soler-Roig

by Oliver Orest Tschirky



Miguel Soler-Roig is a conceptual artist and perfectionist photographer. Following his thoughts and beliefs, he carefully selects, elaborates and develops the concepts of his photographic series. His objective as a photographer is not so much to search for the decisive moment as to work on a conceptual base and sophisticated compositions. With his images, he investigates the ideas behind things, focusing his attention on the consciousness of life and memories, especially those of his youth. The resulting series of images are like extracts from an ongoing story, frozen in time, like the symbolic Spanish still lifes of the 17th century or a storyboard from a film. Aesthetically he is very selective, makes few captures, only allows certain locations, uses natural light, an adequate perspective and does not elaborate the final image in postproduction. Through this elaborate scenography, framing and lighting, he emphasizes the control of the scene and the social landscape. His photographs are neither documentaries nor fictitious, but a synthesis of narrative and biographical elements. Therefore, his works are like an intensive school of seeing, because their purpose is neither only the visual nor the fictitious, but the spectator's sensation achieved through ambiguous perception. Thanks to the touching emotions of his images, the viewer begins to believe that they can be part of their memories or be part of a previous life.


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